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據英國《Christian today》基督教新聞網報道:一個以探索英屬非洲和加勒比青年激進信仰為主題的研討會將在倫敦舉行。研討會將探討為什麼那些在非洲和加勒比教會培養的年輕人會皈依伊斯蘭教,並抱有激進的思想。少數民族基督教事務主席 Simon 說:"首先,我們有興趣找出為什麼一些在我們的教會長大的年輕人會皈依伊斯蘭教,是什麼原因使一些人走向激進、暴力和恐怖主義的旅程。"Eric Brown 主教認為:"我們需要瞭解如何幫助引導青少年遠離破壞性的、激進的生活方式,以及發現我們需要做得更好的地方,這些年輕人過去可能在教會裡被我們絆倒過。" 研討會的講員包括兩位擔任 "國家教會領袖論壇" 主席的 David Muir 博士和 Ade Omooba 牧師。請參閱以下英文報導:

Church seminar to address radicalisation of British African and Caribbean youths,Published July 12, 2013

Church seminar to address radicalisation of British African and Caribbean youths
Published 12 July 2013
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The radicalisation of British African and Caribbean youths will be the subject of a seminar taking place in London next Wednesday.

The seminar will explore why young people being brought up in African and Caribbean churches are converting to Islam and embracing radical ideology

The seminar is being convened in response to the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, whose funeral is taking place today.

Rigby was killed as he walked back to his barracks in Woolwich on May 22. The two men charged with his murder are Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, both converts to Islam of Nigerian Christian heritage.

Members of the African and Caribbean Christian communities in Britain fear a trend towards the radicalisation of former Christians and warn that terror groups are deliberately seeking to recruit vulnerable young men in prisons and elsewhere.

They see as evidence of this the cases of 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid, who tried to blow up an American Airlines plane in 2002, Umar Islam - born Brian Young - found guilty of a suicide bombing attempt on a trans-Atlantic flight in 2006, 7/7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, and Abdul Khaliq - formerly Kibley Da Costa - who was jailed in 2007 for helping to run terror training camps in New Forest and Berkshire.

All are Muslim converts of African or Caribbean heritage who were radicalised.

"In the first place, we are interested to find out why a number of young people brought up in our churches are converting to Islam, and what is the nature of the journey some make towards radicalisation, violence and terror," said Bishop Simon Iheanacho, Chair of Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs (MECA).

Dr Eric Brown, Presiding Bishop of the New Testament Church of God said, "We need to understand how to help steer young people away from destructive, radicalised lifestyles; as well as to uncover what churches need to do better in areas where we may have failed young people in the past."

Speakers at the seminar include Dr David Muir and Pastor Ade Omooba, both co-chairs of the National Church Leaders Forum, and Jennifer Crook, Equality and Diversity Adviser to the Methodist Church.





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